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 Corso Istruttore Metodica Yoga Ginnastiche UISP Salute Benessere a Lucca

(inizio 30/31 Gennaio 2021) posticipata alla riapertura delle palestre

yoga porte aperte  2020, 20 anni di YANI (lezione)

Respiro vivo (Seminario)

Serate del pensiero (conferenze)

Meditazione settimanale a distanza

il giovedi dalle 20:30 alle 21:30 (Costanza 348 5703187)


Corsi e orari

Corsi e orari



( settembre 2020 - Giugno 2021 )


I corsi sono organizzati secondo il protocollo applicativo Covid-19


Meditazione della Luna Piena

Meditazione della Luna Piena

Meditazione della Luna Piena

Ogni Luna Piena

Ore 20,30

presso il Centro, salvo indicazioni differenti.





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In the year 2012, when science, secularism, atheism and moral relativism are ruling the day; when Christianity is losing its hold and Churches are becoming empty; when there is increase of fundamentalism and religious violence; when there is conflict between science and religion; when people are moving away from religion to spirituality; when there is an increase in the number of New Agers; God sent the angel Gabriel to a young woman, named Mary, living in an unknown village called Sathya Guha, which means the cave of Truth.

Angel: Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you.

Mary: O my Lord, who are you? What does your greeting mean?

Angel: Mary, I am arch angel Gabriel. I serve in the presence of God. Do not be afraid and feel at home. God has sent me to announce the good news to you. This good news will be the good news to the whole of mankind. God has chosen you to give birth to the Child of God.

Mary: O my Lord, be seated. What does it mean to give birth to the Child of God?

Angel: Mary, humanity is divided. There is so much of violence in the world in the name of religions, nationalities and ethnic groups. Secularism, atheism and relativism are ruling the day. People are moving away from Christianity and the Churches are becoming empty. There is so much of individualism and materialism in the world. There is also an increase of religious fundamentalism. God needs a virgin who will cooperate with God’s plan and give birth to the Child of God who will break down the walls of division and will create one God, one creation and one mankind. This Child will make human beings free and will show the real meaning of human existence. He will bring healing, unity and peace in the world

Mary: O my Lord, Do you mean that God needs a physical virgin?

Angel: Mary, there are two types of virginities: physical and spiritual. What God needs is a spiritual virgin but not a physical virgin.

Mary: O my Lord, forgive me for my ignorance and do not be angry with me if I ask you questions. What does it mean to be a virgin spiritually?

Angel: Mary, do not be afraid to ask questions. It is important that you ask questions. A spiritual virgin is one who has the courage to discontinue the God of its ancestors, the God of the past, and gives birth to the God of eternity, I am what I am. The child born of this virgin will not be named after the past but of eternity. This Child will be called, the Son of God or the Daughter of God. The expressions ‘the Son of God ‘and ‘the Daughter of God’ are metaphorical.

Mary: O my Lord why should we discontinue the God of our ancestors? Does our God not give us a direction, a light, a rule for our life, a sense of belonging and security? Should we not be loyal and grateful to the God of our ancestors and tradition?

Angel: Mary, it is true that the God of your tradition gives you direction and security and you have to be grateful to the God of your ancestors but that God divides humanity and controls the will and the intellect of human beings. Human beings will not have real freedom and free will. If doubts arise then either they live in a continuous inner conflict or rebel against God and declare the ‘death of God’.

Mary: O my Lord, today there are millions of people in the world who call themselves secularists and atheists. They do not believe in God and they want to live their life without religion or God. They are allergic to God and do not want to hear the word ’God’. They look strangely at people who believe in God and speak of religion. Some are very aggressive and want eliminate God from public life. Some want to live a secular spirituality without God and religion. They are also New Agers who create their own syncretistic belief systems. I am wondering what their status is. Are they lost or do they have any place in the plan of God.

Angel: Mary, secularism and atheism are the deep longing of human heart to free itself from the God of the past, and of authority and discover the God of eternity and freedom. Since religion confines to the God of authority it closes the door to the God of freedom. By rejecting the God of religions, secularism and atheism are making human minds free. They are deconditioning the human minds and are making them into virgin minds. But there is an intermediary period. Religions and the God of religions have created a lot of repressed and suppressed energies in the human consciousness. These energies have to be manifested and purified. Then they will be ready and open to listen to the voice of God. They will be visited by an angel of God with the good news that they are chosen by God to give birth to the God of freedom and eternity. There will be an extraordinary spiritual awakening and the celebration of Christmas in everyone’s life. There will not be a spirituality based on religions but based on inner truth in which everyone will say like Jesus, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’. This is the arrival of the new covenant that God promised and inaugurated by Jesus Christ two thousand years ago. Mary, it is towards this new covenant that humanity is moving. Secularism and atheism are preparing humanity towards this new life. New Age is also belongs to the evolutionary process of human consciousness and it will find its fulfillment in the new covenant.

Mary: O my Lord, are you saying that there are two Gods: the God of history and the God of eternity?

Angel: Mary, there are no two Gods. There is only one God. This God is like the infinite space. The God of history, in a way, is the projection of the human mind, like building houses according to the need and the development of the people. The infinite God allows human beings to build these houses and even inspires them to do so. These houses serve as the womb of God in which God conceives human beings, protects them, nourishes them and when they are ready gives birth to them into eternity. The difficulty comes only when human beings consider the space within their houses as the absolute truth, as the infinite space. When this happens human beings imprison themselves in the conditioned truth and create a world of conflict and violence. To discontinue the God of history means to come out of the limited space within the walls and enter into the freedom of the infinite space. God is inviting humanity to grow.

Mary: O my Lord, does this mean that it is not necessary to be loyal to the God of our ancestors?

Angel: Mary, God has designed human beings to grow spiritually from the God of history to the God of eternity, from the God of authority into the God of freedom. God desires the unity of mankind and the freedom of human beings. Exclusive loyalty to the concepts of God according to one’s tradition blocks this spiritual growth, divides human beings and keeps human beings in spiritual infantilism. It becomes a continuous source of conflict and violence in the world. In order to facilitate the spiritual growth of human beings into adulthood, the unity of mankind and the freedom of human beings, you need to discontinue the God of the past and authority and give birth to the child of God, the God of now and freedom. Only then there will be peace in the world.

.Mary: O my Lord, is this child physical or spiritual?

Angel: Mary, this child will be both physical and spiritual.

Mary: O my Lord, what does it mean that the child is physical?

Angel: Mary, when physical parents kneel down at the birth of their physical child and say: this child is not our child but God’s child; we are only the foster parents to God’s child; then those parents will become virgin parents. That birth will be considered to be a virgin birth. That would be the celebration of Christmas. All children are God’s children. Human parents are only foster parents but out of ignorance, they appropriate to themselves what belongs to God. If children are brought up according to one’s tradition or religion then they are sown the seeds of conflict and violence from the beginning and thus you create a world of conflict and violence. If children are brought up as ‘the children of God’ then there will be cooperation and peace in the world.

Mary: O My Lord, what does it mean that the child is spiritual?

Angel: Mary, it is giving birth to the universal consciousness. It is giving birth to the image and likeness of God. This universal consciousness breaks down all barriers and creates one God, one creation and one mankind. This consciousness is united with the whole of humanity and of creation and lives for the welfare of the whole of humanity and of creation. It lives in unity, freedom, creativity, peace and universal love. Its identity is ‘I am’.

Mary: O my Lord, where does this birth take place?

Angel: Mary, this birth takes place within you, in your true self and the true self of every human being. It takes place in the cave of your heart. To give birth to the universal consciousness is to discover your image and likeness of God.

Mary: O my Lord, I feel that I am not worthy to be the mother of this child, this universal consciousness.

Angel: Mary, do not feel that you are unworthy of this call. No one is unworthy of this call. Everyone is worthy of this call. God has manifested everyone in God’s image and likeness. This image and likeness of God is your true self and it is eternal virgin. This virginity cannot be taken away even if you have children physically and spiritually. It is in this virgin self that you give birth to the Child of God, universal consciousness, not in your physical body or psychological self. Because you identify yourself with your physical body or psychological self you feel that you are unworthy to this call.

Mary: O my Lord, what have I to do in order to discover my virgin self?

Angel: Mary, you have to be born again. You have to lose your lower self. For this you have to come out of the womb of your tradition and enter into the God of eternity. You have to discover your new identity ‘I am’. The God of religions is connected to your limited, conditioned and separated self. This God creates collective consciousness and collective identity. This identity divides human beings and is the source of conflict and violence in the world. You have to renounce this lower self. Do you remember what Jesus told his listeners: if you are willing to lose your lower self you will gain your higher self. If you cling to your lower self then you will lose your higher self. In the true self there is no place for religions. If you have the courage to outgrow your conditioned self and then you will discover your virgin self. This is what it means to be born again. Do you remember what Jesus told Nicodemus? ‘Unless you are born again you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven’. Nicodemus was in the womb of his religion. Jesus asked him to come out of it. God is asking you to do the same thing.

Mary: O my Lord. How can I do that? I belong to a spiritual tradition of more than two thousand years old. How can I discontinue the God of my tradition? How can I be disloyal to my tradition? Will I not be isolated from my people and feel lonely? Will I not be considered a blasphemer and face excommunication and even death?

Angel: Mary, there is a misunderstanding in the relationship between religious tradition and human beings. Religions, as belief systems, are like nests in which human beings are conceived, protected, nourished and given security until they are ready to be born or to fly into the freedom of the infinite space. Religions should not become like cages in which human beings imprison themselves in the name of security. Religions are like a womb. A womb has two functions: to conceive and to give birth. If religions want only to conceive and do not want to give birth then they become like a tomb. People enter into religions and never come out. Mary, do you remember what Jesus did? He could not remain in the tomb. He broke it open and came out. He transformed the tomb into a womb. He was born into freedom. He gave the gift of motherhood to his religion. He wanted everyone to do the same. Mary, Religious tradition is like your physical mother. Did your physical mother tell you that you were disloyal to her when you came out of her womb? Did she expect you to remain in her womb forever? Did she call you ‘a blasphemer’ and excommunicate you when you came out?

Mary: My Lord, my mother was certainly happy when I was born. She knew that I would come out and she was waiting eagerly for the day of my birth. My birth was the day of fulfillment and joy in her life. I gave her the gift of motherhood. My mother nourished me into independency and freedom.

Angel: Mary, it is the same with your spiritual tradition, which is your spiritual mother. She wants you to be born and to grow into freedom. Your desire to be loyal to your tradition is a misconception. In the matter of spiritual growth there is no place for loyalty or disloyalty. Deep down in your desire to be loyal lie also your deep fear, insecurity and your hidden desire not to grow. Not growing is a sign of death. This causes too much suffering to your spiritual mother. The invitation of God for you to enter into the God of eternity is also the deep longing of your spiritual tradition. Unfortunately the spiritual leaders are misinterpreting the role of religious traditions and are blocking this spiritual growth of human beings. Do you remember what Jesus Christ told to the spiritual leaders of his time? He said: ‘you have the keys to the kingdom of heaven; neither you enter nor allow others to enter’. Expecting absolute loyalty, religious persecutions, considering someone as a blasphemer, excommunicating people and killing them are born out of ignorance and corruption of Truth. Where there is power and authority there is corruption of Truth. It is the conditioned truth that creates power and authority and demands the obedience of will and intellect. Unconditioned truth does not seek power and authority; does not demand the obedience of will and intellect but makes people free. Do you remember what Jesus said? ‘I have come to give life and give it abundantly’. Jesus Christ gave the keys of the kingdom of God to his disciples so that they can open the door of religions and help people to move into the freedom of the infinite space. Unfortunately the words of Jesus were misinterpreted and the keys of liberation were transformed into the keys of power and authority. They are being used to control people and block their spiritual growth. Mary, God wants you to cooperate with God’s plan and facilitate this birth of new human consciousness that goes beyond religions, that transforms religions into nests and that liberates people from the power of religious leaders.

Mary: O my Lord, your reasoning and arguments are very persuading. I see the truth of it intellectually and agree with you but emotionally I feel that this demand is too much for me. Why can’t God choose religious authorities so that the message can be accepted easily?

Angel: Mary, surely the religious authorities are powerful and are very well respected but they do not have a heart of a virgin. They do not desire the spiritual growth and the liberation of their followers. They do not desire peace and the unity of mankind. They speak of peace and unity but do not allow them to come into reality. They have the heart of Herod, who desired only the continuity of his power, authority and position. He wanted children only for his continuity and not for God. He was insecure and was afraid any truth that could threaten his position and power. He wanted to know about the Messiah only to eliminate him. He killed every child who would be a threat to his continuity.

Mary, to choose children only for continuity either physical or spiritual is to kill them. Do you remember what Patriarch Abraham did? He chose Isaac for his continuity and so he killed him spiritually. God intervened and asked him to sacrifice his son and chose his son for God, for eternity. Abraham accepted the call of God to become a virgin mother.

Mary, every child is the unique manifestation of God. Every child is born for eternity and not for continuity. It is sin to choose children for continuity. Unfortunately and ignorantly religions want children for their continuity. This pains God so much. If God sends an angel to religious leaders with the message to become virgins they will not believe in it. If it comes from outside they will reject it and call it blasphemy or heresy and even may use violence.

Mary, violence comes when people refuse any invitation to grow and when people want to grow. The violence that comes from the religious fundamentalism is the violence of refusal to grow. The rebellion against any type of fundamentalism is the violence that comes from the exigency to grow.

Mary, I am sure you remember Virgin Mary. She chose her son for God and not for herself. She was like Abraham. She sacrificed her son for God. She knelt down and worshipped her son as the son of God. She had no desire for power and continuity. She declared that her son was the unique manifestation of God and she was there only to help her son to realize his unique call.

Mary, Religious authorities can have the heart of a virgin only if they are willing to renounce their desire for power and authority and willing to be at the service of human beings like Virgin Mary. But it is very difficult and rare that they can do that. In fact religious leaders have become an obstacle for peace and unity.

Mary, peace and unity are available as freely as the sun light during the day. If people remain in their closed doors of conditioned truth and search for the light how can they find it? They only need to come out of their closed doors and find peace and unity already there. It is as simple as that.

Mary, God wants you, like Virgin Mary, to choose children for God; to open the door and facilitate the birth of this child who brings peace and unity in the world.

Mary: O my Lord, Virgin Mary was specially blessed by God. I am just an ordinary poor village woman. No one will believe me; no one will listen to me and no one will take me seriously. O my Lord, I am afraid. There are many persons more eligible than I. Please, can you ask God to choose someone stronger than I?

Angel: Mary, the call of God is irrevocable. Do not be afraid. God knows that you are a poor little village woman. You are no one and powerless. In your meekness and powerlessness the grace and the power of God will be manifested. This is the marvelous work of God. Though you are simple yet you have a heart of a virgin, a universal heart. You have secretly prayed for the liberation of your people and the whole of humanity, for the unity of mankind and for peace in world. It was this simple and noble intention that made you God’s beloved; that made God to send its angel to you. Mary, I tell you truly that everyone who has this noble intention will be visited by the angel of God.

Mary, I know that you cannot respond to God’s call by your own will and strength. The spirit of God will descend upon you and make you discover your true self. In this discovery you will realize that the vocation of every human being is to give birth to the child of God. It is to be a virgin mother of God. Then you will have no choice but to say ‘yes’ to the call of God. God will give you the strength to bear witness to your vocation, as a model to every human being.

Mary: O my Lord, what does it mean to be a virgin mother? Is it possible for everyone to be a virgin mother of God?

Angel: Mary, the call of every human being is to be a virgin mother. When you are able to say: ‘My life is not my life but God’s life; my children are not my children but God’s children; and my actions are not my actions but God’s actions’ then you are a virgin mother. Every moment of your life becomes a virgin birth. Every moment of your life becomes Christmas. Do you remember what Jesus Christ said? ‘The works which I do are not my own but the Father who dwells in me does his works'. He was a virgin mother. He was celebrating Christmas each moment of his life.

Mary: O my Lord, is not virgin mother a contradiction? If one is a virgin she cannot be a mother and if one is a mother she cannot be a virgin?

Angel: Mary, by giving birth to physical children and spiritual children, you become a mother to them but you do not lose your virginity. You still remain a virgin. A virgin becomes a mother and still remains a virgin. This is the mystery of virgin birth and virgin motherhood for which you and every human being are manifested. In fact this is the original state of human beings manifested in the image and likeness of God. Do you remember Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? They walked with God in the cool of evening. They were naked and were not ashamed. They did not know good and evil. They were in a state of complete emptiness. They were allowing God to live in and through them. They were virgin mothers. This is the same for everyone who allows God to work in him or her. Of course Adam and Eve were living that life unconsciously but human beings are invited to enter into that life consciously.

Mary: O my Lord, I find difficult to say that ‘my actions are God’s actions and my life is God’s life’. What if I do bad actions? I will be in a state of confusion. I will find difficult to say that they are also God’s actions. Please explain more to me on this question.

Angle: Mary, in truth, all life is God’s life, all children are God’s children and all actions are God's actions because there is only one God, one life, one truth and one way. Only when you realize this truth existentially you will be able to say that ‘your life is God’s life’. Out of ignorance human beings appropriate what belongs to God and fragment life. Sin is fragmentation of life. From this fragmentation of life comes evil and violence in the world.

Mary: O my Lord, what does it mean that there is only one life, one truth and onelife?

Mary, do you remember the two trees that God planted in the Garden of Eden: the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil? These two trees are the symbols of two types of human consciousness. The tree has leaves, branches, trunk and roots. They are all interconnected. There is only one tree, one life, one truth and one way. There is no good and evil but only absolute good. When there is harmony among them then it is the tree of life. Each leaf will say ‘my actions are not my actions but actions of the whole tree’. If a leaf says that it is doing its actions on its own then it is a lie. It is the same with human beings. Only in this realization a person can say ‘my life is God’s life’ and ‘my actions are God’s actions’. A person can say that there is only one way, one truth and one life.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil is when human consciousness falls into the level of branches and leaves and forgets the trunk and the roots. It is the fragmentation of human consciousness. This fragmentation is artificial because no branch and leaf can live without the trunk and the roots. It is the state of ignorance. There is no harmony. This consciousness creates a world of good and evil. In this level a person thinks he or she is the author of actions. A person says ‘I am the author of my actions’. A person cannot say ‘my life is God’s life and my actions are God’s actions’. Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the Tree of knowledge of good and evil and lost the original harmony. They came out of the Garden of Eden. Jesus Christ at the moment of his baptism reentered the Garden of Eden and established the original harmony. He ate the fruit from the tree of life. He was able to say: the works which I do are not my own but the Father who dwells in me does his works’. He was living in one way, one truth and one life. He described this life as ‘the kingdom of God’. Jesus invited everyone to eat the fruit from the tree of life; to reenter the Garden of Eden; to enter the kingdom of God, with the word, ‘repent’. Unfortunately his followers have created another collective consciousness, another branch and continued to remain in the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Mary, your awareness is still at the level of this branch, your spiritual tradition. God is inviting you to eat the fruit from the tree of life, to reenter your original awareness, original harmony. This original harmony is your true life. Mary, when you know that this is your true nature and true life then you have no choice but to accept the call of God.

Mary: O my Lord, I am the hand maid of God, Let it happen to me according to God’s will!

Then the Angel left her.